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Jar Cocktail


Jar, a modern chophouse in the heart of Los Angeles, dazzles Angelenos with the allure of Chef Suzanne Tracht’s familiar retro dishes from the American culinary repertoire.

Since it's debut in 2002, Jar's devoted fans return again and again to enjoy her signature Pot Roast, Kansas City Steak, wild and sustainable Seafood, Lemongrass Chicken, Black Mussels with Lobster Bearnaise & Fennel Salt, award-winning French Fries, market-fresh sides and perfectly mixed martinis.

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Walk into Suzanne Tracht’s modern chophouse restaurant today, and it’s as good as it was when it opened in 2001. The wood-paneled walls, the chic mushroomlike light fixtures, the warm tones — this dining room is recognizable from any angle, especially when it’s used as a set for movies like "La La Land." Even when full, there’s a soft hum to the place that makes dinner here great for business meetings, dates and family gatherings. The bar is a good option for drop-ins, especially for martinis and complimentary potato chips and horseradish dip.

8225 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 


Wed-Sun | 5:00 - 9PM


Wed-Sun | 5:30 - 9PM

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