Jar Take Out bag

Want Jar delivered to your door?  Postmates can help.  Click the Jar shopping bag to order online.

 JAR Cocktail Kits  

available for delivery or pick-up while supplies last 


Margarita Kit  |  60


1 bottle Maestro Dobel Tequila

House-made margarita mix

(ask for a side of deep fried jalapeños if you need a kick)


Serengeti Kit  |  56


1 bottle Rough Rider rye whiskey

House-made Lemon-Ginger mix


Jar’s Naughty Martini Kit  |   60


1 bottle Purity Vodka

Olive juice

10 blue cheese house-stuffed olives



Purity Vodka  |  45


Rough Rider rye whiskey  |  42


Maestro Dobel tequila  |  45



(Multi-aged tequila. Reposado. Anejo. Extra Anejo. Aged in European oak barrels. Double filtered. Crystal clear)

8225 Beverly Boulevard    Los Angeles, CA 90048   

Take-Out and Delivery Service

Tuesday - Sunday 

begins 4:30 pm

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