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Video Transcript of The Cooking Channel's (The Best Thing I Ever Ate) Interview with Suzanne Tracht

Stuart: I absolutely love steakhouses and Jar in Los Angeles is one of my favorites. Well, Jar has a Char Siu Pork  Chop and it is . . . so good. I order it every single time and 

I don't order steak. I just can't help it. That's impressive (laughs). Char Siu Pork Chop is a pork chop marinated in Chinese barbeque  sauce.You can get char siu atChinese take out restaurants but it's nothing in comparison to what Suzanne's doing at Jar.


Suzanne: The main ingredients are oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, a lot of garlic, ginger, fermented Chinese black beans, brown sugar, soy sauce . . . the kitchen sink basically.


Stuart: You marinate the pork chops in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours and all those flavors just infuse into this pork chop.


Suzanne: After you marinate the pork, you want to cook it really, really slow because you don't want to burn it; so we really take our time cooking a pork chop


Stuart: and you get a great product


Suzanne: This is what I do (inaudible) I bring it to the end of the broiler and I just let 'em sit for a little while and I just keep kinda rotating them all night


Stuart:  So it comes with a roasted onion and like a brush of pesto on top. The fries at Jar are incredible, they're super crispy (inaudible) it looks incredible. it's nice 

and thick (inaudible) lovely char marks on it. It has a sweetness and a saltiness ... it's just  so satisfying. I'm definitely getting those Asian flavors, like a brightness of ginger with the 

garlic. In comparison to a regular pork chop it's just exploding with way more flavor. So delicious.  It's just the best thing I've ever eaten. Suzanne (inaudible) pork chop it has my heart. I 

don't know if I'm ever going to try your steak.


Suzanne:  Stuart I know you love the pork chop but you're going to have to try the steak.


Stuart: I'll try them someday Suzanne. Sure.

8225 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048 


Wed-Sun | 5:00 - 9PM


Wed-Sun | 5:30 - 9PM

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